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    stainless sippy cups with silicone lids
    ✔️SAFETY FIRST: The cups are made from premium grade 18/8 stainless steel, and the grips and sippy lids are made from food-grade silicone. All materials have been lab-tested and FDA approved. NO plastic and NO harmful chemicals or toxins. (We checked.) ✔️EASY TRANSITION TO SIPPY CUPS: Set of 4 stainless steel cups (10oz/300ml) with silicone sippy lids. Spill proof and leakproof. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Reusable straw friendly. Silicone stretch lids mimic a mother’s nipple. ✔️BYE-BYE MOLD: No nooks or crannies where bacteria can build up. Very easy to handwash or can be thrown in the dishwasher. ✔️NO WORRIES OF ABNORMAL DENTAL DEVELOPMENT: The silicone spout fosters proper development of a child’s oral cavity as opposed to using dangerous plastic. Silicone stretch lids also aid in preventing tooth decay. ✔️FREE LID REPLACEMENTS: If any of your lids happens to rip, all you have to do is contact us through our website for a replacement. No need to register. A simple email will do. We’ve got you covered.
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    ABC coloring activity silicone placemats with markers set
    ✔️EASY, MESS FREE AND FUN MEALTIMES: Kids spill food (shocker!), which can sometimes make mealtimes messy and a pain to clean up. You can count on SunZio silicone mats to keep those inevitable spills contained, making the clean up a whole lot easier for you. ✔️MEALTIME JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT MORE EXCITING: The fun designs on each mat make children engaged at each meal. Each set includes two mats. One mat has the alphabet they can practice their ABCs and learn the names of animals, and the other mat is a playground scene they can decorate however they wish! ✔️MORE THAN JUST A PLACEMAT: SunZio silicone placemats come with specially developed markers children can use to color directly on the mats. Allow your child to use his/her creativity with colors. The marker ink erases easily off the mat with a wet tissue. Kids have so much fun with these mats they look forward to using them even when it’s not time to eat! ✔️FOOD SAFE AND BABY SAFE MATERIALS: We take quality and safety seriously as a producer of children’s products. Our placemats are made of premium quality, 100% toxic-free food grade silicone (FDA approved, BPA Free, Lead Free, Phthalate Free). Our markers were also tested for harmful chemicals to ensure child safety when using them. ✔️DESIGNED WITH CONVENIENCE IN MIND: The raised edges on each mat keep most spills and crumbs on its surface. There is a whole in the corner that makes it easy to hang dry them after washing. They also roll up and travel well, making them perfect for restaurant use.
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    utensils next to pouch and box toddler utensils next to carrying case
    ✔️BEST MATERIALS: Not all eating utensils are created equal. All silverware looks shiny in pictures, but what is it really made from? We use the best premium grade 18/10 stainless steel so you know your child will be using the cleanest, safest utensils for eating. We understand the importance of quality and safety in children’s products. No hazardous materials. Last longer than utensils made from cheaper steel. Dishwasher safe. ✔️12 PIECES + POUCH: Have plenty of spare pieces so you don’t have to wash after every meal. Keep a set or two at a grandparent’s or relative’s house. Put a set or two into the travel pouch when going to a restaurant, picnic, etc. Kids love the design of the case with the cute animals. ✔️SIZE & SAFETY: Kids will be excited to have silverware like adults but that are their size and safe. Specially designed for little hands with safety in mind. Forks with rounded tines and a lightly serrated knife blade that is not too sharp and allows children to learn cutting their food. ✔️FUN DESIGN: Fun and engaging animal designs for boys and girls of all ages (toddlers, preschoolers, school aged). The rabbit, monkey and elephant will make meal time more exciting! ✔️GREAT GIFT: Makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, newly expecting Parents, baby showers, and any other special event or holiday. Each set comes in a decorative and stylish gift box. They are also great for schools, kindergartens, daycare centers, etc.