As your child grows into toddlerhood, an item that transitions them from being bottle- or breast-fed are sippy cups. They’re designed with a lid to prevent spilling and a spout where your child can drink from. But with all the sippy cup options out in the market right now, how can you know you’re getting one that’s worth what you’re paying for? One of the best ways to make a decision is to learn from the experiences of other parents like you. Here are the best sippy cups and why moms love them so much.

5. Nuby — No-Spill Super Spout

A sippy cup young toddlers can easily be comfortable with is the Nuby’s No-Spill Super Spout cup. It has a silicone spout, which helps your kids transition easily from bottle or breast to cups. This makes it one of the best sippy cups for a breastfed baby. Also, the spout is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about getting a replacement for a while, even if your kid loves chewing.

Apart from a great silicone spout, the cup also provides toddlers with a good grip. It’s also easy to clean and is BPA-free. Do note, though, that the cup doesn’t come with a spout cover. Apart from being unhygienic, this sippy cup can spill its contents inside your bag. It can also leak if you accidentally tilt it to its side. Also, if you’re someone who wants to reduce plastic usage, do note that this cup is made of plastic.

4. CamelBak — Eddy Kids Vacuum Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If your kid loves running around and going outdoors, then CamelBak’s Eddy Kids Vacuum Stainless Steel Water Bottle might be a great match for him or her. This active-kid-friendly cup uses a straw instead of a spout. It features an easy-carry handle that your kid can easily hold on to.

You can also choose from many cute designs your child will surely love. It’s also BPA free and dishwasher safe. CamelBak also offers a lifetime guarantee for this product, so getting a replacement for defective items is hassle-free.

Do note that this type of stainless steel sippy cup can be difficult to clean. If not washed properly, mold can grow in the sippy cup’s nooks and crannies, including the straw. Also, keep in mind that if the straw gets knocked off of its position, this sippy cup can spill. Additionally, it’s made of plastic, and many parents have observed that the cup is prone to sweating.

3. Philips Avent — My Bendy Straw Cup

Some kids prefer sipping their drinks using a soft silicone straw instead of a hard spout. If your kid is one of them, you may want to look into getting Philips Avent’s My Bendy Straw Cup.

Because its design uses a straw instead of a spout, it’s one of the best sippy cups for teeth and has been recommended by pediatric dentists in the United States. Moreover, if you’ve purchased other Philips Avent bottles and cups before, you’ll be glad to know that you can mix and match their parts as they’re all compatible with each other.

Keep in mind that, like all other sippy cups, this can leak, depending on how you assemble or use it. Some parents have observed that this is prone to spilling if the temperature of the drink starts to rise. Its lids can also easily pop off, causing more leaks if you’re not careful. And despite having a straw, parents have noticed that this has poor suction. If you’re worried about helping the environment, it’s good to note that this cup is also made of plastic.

2. Munchkin — Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

If your kids have outgrown their bottles and you want them to transition to using regular cups, a good training sippy cup is the Miracle 360 Trainer Cup by Munchkin. Without a protruding spout, this helps your kids get used to drinking at the rim of the cup without the risk of spilling.

While this is one of the best sippy cups that prevents leaks, an impact with enough force can still cause it to leak. It’s also not the easiest sippy cup to clean, and it can get moldy if not washed properly. If you’re also conscious about reducing your plastic dependency, note that this sippy cup is also made primarily of plastic.

1. SunZio — Stainless Steel Sippy Cups

stainless sippy cups with silicone lids

If you’re looking for a sturdy and easy-to-use sippy cup with zero plastic, look no further than SunZio’s Stainless Steel Sippy Cups. Unlike many other sippy cups in the market, these cups are made with high-quality materials that are BPA free and are certified safe to be used by small children. They’re also easy to clean, dishwasher safe, spill-proof, and freezer safe.

SunZio Stainless Steel Sippy Cups also come with a soft silicone spout, which prevents cavities from forming, making it one of the best stainless steel sippy cups with a silicone spout. The shape of the spout promotes the healthy development of your kids’ mouth and face. Additionally, it’s a sippy cup that won’t cause any form of speech or language development problems.

On the downside, you may have problems fitting the lid back on if it hasn’t completely dried after washing. Spilling may still occur if you don’t pull the lid all the way down. Then again, spills and leaks are inevitable from time to time, and for a 100% plastic-free and safe product with no concerns of leaching chemicals, it’s a minor tradeoff to make. If you can get over these cons, then this cup might be the right one for you.

Other Things to Love About Sunzio

SunZio Stainless Steel Sippy Cups come in four cute colors and designs that both you as a parent and your kids will like. Also, the brand is confident about this product’s performance. It offers a guaranteed replacement spout should yours have a tear and all you have to do to get it is send an email. Parents are also raving about the product’s zero use of plastic, making it one of the best non-toxic baby products out there.

Sippy cups are useful training tools for growing toddlers. Many different brands offer a lot of unique features for varying needs. And as parents, you know what your child needs. While there are many options out in the market, only a few can live up to both the high standards and needs of your little tot. Thankfully, with the help of other parents’ opinions and experiences, this list of the best sippy cups can help you find that one perfect match!