You’re sitting in a restaurant starving and hoping to just take a quick break from running after your kid. But your toddler is having none of it. He’s shrieking, crying on top of his lungs, running around bumping into everybody and touching everything in sight. The next thing you know, dirty looks are being thrown your way from nearby tables, a couple of people shaking their heads.

If this scene is all too familiar, then welcome to parenthood. The scariest hood you will ever go through, they say. While this may not be true for every single parent, every child at some point can get fussy when they’re hungry, bored, tired, etc. And there are times when you’ll wish they would just give you a break.

For the past few years, gadgets have become parents’ go to when it comes to keeping their children entertained. But too much screen time can be bad, especially for children whose brains are still developing. Studies have shown that brain structure may be altered in kids with more screen use.

Back in the day, when parents didn’t have the option to shove gadgets in the kids’ faces to keep them calm, children were given coloring activities to help them focus. This is one of the reasons why coloring books and crayons started becoming a part of children’s menus in some restaurants.

Hence, we created the Silicone Coloring Placemats – a marriage between the love for the environment and the passion to make parenting so much easier.

How are SunZio placemats different from other placemats or traditional coloring books?

1. Made with Food Safe and Baby Safe Materials

girl coloring on silicone drawing mat

We take quality and safety seriously as a producer of non-toxic baby products. Our placemats are made of premium quality, 100% toxic-free food grade silicone (FDA approved, BPA Free, Lead Free, Phthalate Free). Our markers were also tested for harmful chemicals to ensure child safety when using them.

2. Mess Free Meal Times

Kids spill food (shocker!), which can sometimes make mealtimes messy and a pain to clean up. The raised edges on each mat keep most spills and crumbs on its surface. You can count on SunZio silicone mats to keep those inevitable spills contained, making the clean up a whole lot easier for you.

Paired with SunZio Stainless Steel Sippy Cups, mealtimes are guaranteed to be more fun, colorful and less of a hassle!

3. Eco-Friendly

Compared to traditional coloring books made of paper that get thrown after a single use, SunZio silicone placemats are reusable and can last for years with proper care.

4. Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe

silicone placemat hang drying on hook

The marker ink can be easily removed using wet wipes. Food can be washed off with soap and water or simply throw them in the dishwasher. There is a hole in the corner that makes it easy to hang dry them after washing.

5. Perfect for Travel

silicone mat packed into bag

Roll up or fold and take them to go! SunZio mats travel well, making them perfect for restaurant use.

6. Fun Learning Activity

The fun designs on each mat make children engaged at each meal. Each set includes two mats. One mat has the alphabet where they can practice their ABCs and learn the names of animals. The other mat is a playground scene they can decorate however they wish!

Children love using these mats even when it’s not time to eat. The fun nature of the mats also makes them look forward to mealtime.

7. Promotes Positive Psychological and Emotional Development in Children

Coloring is more than just keeping children busy. It’s also a creative outlet that improves their mental and emotional well-being. Art therapy may help kids with behavior issues. While kids will be kids and just because they act up from time to time doesn’t mean they will grow up to be difficult, it is best for them to learn good behavior and how to manage emotions at a young age.

Learn more about the benefits of coloring activities for kids’ psychology and development.


dry erase markers for silicone mats

Use the mats frequently

The mats are designed to be used often to keep the integrity of the material. Wet wipes are great to use on the go, but we recommend washing often with soap and water for hygiene.

Clean often

Do not let the colors sit overnight. Colors can seep into the mat and can be difficult to remove. If this happens though, just give the mats a good soap and water wash.

Always keep the marker caps on

They will dry out when exposed to humidity in the environment. If they do dry out, try dripping the nibs in rubbing alcohol. The colored tip of the markers can be pulled out from the body using a pair of tweezers or pliers so you can also drip a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol inside the color barrel. Be careful not to put too much alcohol though as this can thin out the ink and affect the color quality.

adding rubbing alcohol to marker tip

Pull out and reinstall sunken pen tips

Some kids write firmly and can cause the pens’ tips to get lodged back into its chamber. This is easy to fix though. Just pull out the nib and yank it back in place! This may take a little bit of strength but it definitely works to reconstitute the pens’ tips.

pulling nibs out of marker body with tweezers

Removing stains

The SunZio markers are oil-based and not water based as water based markers smear a lot on a silicone surface (although water based markers can be used). Water and soap will not get the marker ink out of clothes, but rubbing alcohol will help to dilute the ink enough to get most of the stains on top.

If ink happens to get on clothing, we suggest placing a towel below the affected clothing and drip rubbing alcohol onto the spot. Then let it soak and rinse out. The towel will catch the ink that dissolves with the rubbing alcohol, and most of the stain will come out. This is not a 100% foolproof solution, but it may help for stubborn stains if applied quickly.

Light colored pens can have stained tips, too. Just simply get some tissue paper and squeeze the tip out until all the stain comes out.


Use the back of the placemats for doodling. It’s more fun than doodling on paper and saves paper from being wasted.


We’ve never met a child that doesn’t like coloring. Especially with a coloring tool that works like magic! If somehow your tot doesn’t show an inclination to the mats, you can use it as a good “quiet time” or “timeout” activity. Children can reflect more positively during a timeout, especially when they are given a task that promotes stress release and therapy.

Coloring activities are meditative and can also allow you and your child to have some quality quiet time together. It can provide a wonderful time to sit and chat with your child.

Here are some great all purpose wet wipes that can be used with the mats: