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For many generations, kids have always loved coloring. It’s an activity introduced to children at home and even in school, and there’s a good reason why. Here are some of the many benefits of coloring activities to a child’s development you should start taking advantage of.

1. Stimulates Creativity

One of the best things about coloring activities is that it nurtures and encourages creativity. It does so by providing a venue for the kids to express their own imagination.

Additionally, it lets them show their personality through coloring and finishing the activity. It doesn’t even matter if they’re coloring within the lines. What’s important is they have the freedom to choose the color they want and color the way they want to, as well. This is enough to effectively stimulate and grow their creativity and imagination.

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2. Improves Confidence and Self-Esteem

There is a connection between coloring activities and a child’s self-esteem. By giving a child an activity that he or she can do, the child will be able to feel a great sense of accomplishment once the task is done.

One such activity is coloring pictures. Once they finish coloring an entire worksheet, your kids can feel accomplished. Once they feel this, it boosts their confidence and self-esteem. After all, they put in the work, and the result is a piece of art.

3. Improves Motor Skills

Coloring is an activity that also helps in improving motor skills. How? For your kids to finish a coloring task and do the activity itself, they need to use their hands.

Additionally, even though it doesn’t show in the finished artwork, kids do want to produce a neat picture. To be able to do this, children need to practice the proper way to grip crayons and markers. With the right grip, they will have more control over the coloring motion and thus, will create cleaner pieces. While children may not notice it, the extra effort they put into gripping the crayon and controlling the motion does wonders for their fine motor skills.

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4. Improves Focus

Apart from motor skills and confidence, your child will also improve his or her focus through coloring. Focus is a skill that’s important for everyone to learn. It’s also one skill people will use their entire life. To finish a task, such as a coloring worksheet, children need focus, and through such activities can they improve this life skill.

5. Promotes Structure and Spatial Awareness

In any coloring task, it’s almost always a rule to keep the colors within the lines. While kids may ignore this rule early on, or they may not be able to adhere to it because they’re still building their skills, they’ll eventually be able to learn it.

Coloring, thanks in part to this unwritten rule, helps promote a child’s structure and spatial awareness. So the more they’re presented with structure and space, the more they’ll develop an awareness of spaces.

6. Therapy and Stress-Relief

Like everyone else, kids also experience stress. Although, they experience it more differently compared to adults. Coloring has a lot of benefits to a child’s psychology.

One of the best ways to help kids relieve stress is by giving them a coloring activity. The concentration needed to focus on such a task is therapeutic, and it helps kids calm down. It’s a great outlet for the little tots to release all the pent-up negative energy they may have.

child on cement with colored chalk sticks

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7. Self-Expression

Self-expression goes hand in hand with the nurturing of your kids’ creativity. Coloring is definitely one of the best ways to let them express themselves and show off their personality.

Every kid is different, and each has their own likes and dislikes. Through coloring, they can show their individuality, and it’s reflected in the way they color images and the colors they choose to use on their own.

8. Improves Hand to Eye Coordination

Coloring greatly improves your kids’ hand-eye coordination. This goes hand in hand with the child’s development of his or her motor skills through coloring.

Through the activity, they learn how to control the crayon or pencil based on what they’re seeing. Eventually, through enough practice, they’ll become precise in their control over their medium to produce a clean image.

Recommended Eco-Friendly Coloring Products

Traditionally, parents and teachers let kids do coloring activities on coloring books. However, while you’re using it to help your kids hone their skills, you may be doing damage to the environment in the process by using too much paper and coloring materials.

Luckily, there are now many environment-friendly means to provide kids with their coloring activities. Here are some of the best ones we recommend.

1. Hierceson Aqua Drawing Mat for Kids

An interesting way to stay eco-friendly while providing your kids with coloring activities is by using a reusable coloring mat. The Hierceson Aqua Drawing Mat for Kids is one such mat, and it serves as a reusable medium where your kids can draw repeatedly in. It’s safe for kids and it doesn’t make too much of a mess.

2. eco-kids Eco-Art Pad

Alternatively, if you’re a parent who likes to both stick to traditional paper coloring and being eco-friendly, you can use the eco-kids Eco-Art Pad. While the primary medium is still paper, it’s 100% recycled, so using it doesn’t leave too much of a negative impact on the environment.

3. SunZio Coloring Placemat for Kids

girl coloring on silicone mat

Another wonderful and environment-friendly alternative to traditional coloring books is the SunZio Coloring Placemat for Kids. Using this placemat, you can let your child hone their creativity and skills even as they eat. Your kids can have fun mealtimes without making too much of a mess, too! It’s made with raised edges to contain most spills.

The SunZio Coloring Placemat is made of food-grade silicone, making it safe for your kids to use. It is 100% BPA-free, phthalates free, PVC free, cadmium free, lead free, mercury free, making it 100% non-toxic. Our FDA approved coloring placemat is perfectly safe for babies and toddlers to use for their meals. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

The markers it comes with are also made with food safe and baby-safe materials. Apart from the ink being non-toxic, it’s also easy to clean up with a wet tissue, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals that might put your child’s health at risk.

The SunZio Coloring Placemat for Kids comes in a set of two. One mat is a playground scene with animals that will allow kids to use their imagination and practice free-hand coloring. The other mat is comprised of letters, numbers, and small images, which helps children learn their ABCs and fine-tune their motor skills more. Both designs are an enjoyable challenge for tots and encourage learning while eating.

toddler coloring on placemat with marker

Take Them with You

Is your child easily bored? Bring the SunZio coloring placemat with you wherever you go! No need for screen-time when waiting for food in a restaurant. Just take out the mat and markers, and your child will be busy coloring away. It’s a great way to keep them productive wherever you are!

Coloring is more than just keeping a child busy. It helps him mentally and emotionally. But more than these, coloring is a fun way to learn, and children love it when learning doesn’t have to be forced. Let your child express himself/herself through colors. Soon enough, you’ll see that they’ll create art pieces you’ll treasure!