Christmas is just around the corner, and the kids are undoubtedly eager to receive their presents. Have you made your gift list? If so, do you have plastic toys there? If you do, then maybe it’s time to reconsider. This year, go green and go for eco-friendly holiday gifts for kids instead. Not only are you helping Mother Earth, but you’re also showing kids that eco-friendly items can just be as fun!

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

If you have kids of your own, then you probably see the sea of plastic toys in your home. The sad part about this is that some of these plastics can’t be recycled and don’t decompose. It’s worse if your kids don’t play with them anymore, too.

So, this holiday season, change your perspective about gift-giving and opt for eco-friendly options instead. After all, change starts with you, and change begins with small steps. To help you out, here are alternative gift ideas for kids you may want to include in your shopping list:

1. Stainless Steel Sippy Cups

Ditch the plastic sippy cups and go for non-toxic baby products like a stainless steel eco-friendly sippy cup. The stainless steel and silicone sippy lids and grips are recyclable materials—and that should give you peace of mind.

Apart from being planet-friendly, these sippy cups are travel-friendly. You can bring them wherever you go without worrying about spills and leaks. Even the kids will love using this sippy cup to transition from bottle to cup with ease!

2. Stainless Steel Silverware for Kids

Stainless steel is one of the earth-friendly materials out there, so why not gift someone a complete set of kids eating utensils made out of it? Mind you, these stainless steel silverware are made with premium-grade 18/10 stainless steel, which is the best grade of stainless steel! Plus, the cute designs make it very appealing for the kids to use.

3. Eco-Dough

Dough or clay has always been a useful material for kids. It helps improve fine motor skills as well as promote creativity and imagination among young children. The problem is, most of the commercially sold clay dough today are sprinkled with potentially harmful chemicals that parents aren’t always aware of.

To make sure that the clay is safe for the kids and the planet, use eco-dough instead. This dough is made from organic fruits, blue gardenia extract, annatto seed extract, black carrot extract, curcumin, cream of tartar, salt, flour, organic rosemary oil, soybean oil, vitamin E oil, citric acid, and potassium sorbate.

4. Natural Earth Paint Kit

Inspire creativity among the little ones and let their imaginations run free, but you have to make sure that your present is non-toxic and 100% safe for kids to use. This Natural Earth Paint Kit allows children to mix water-based paint and water to create different watercolors. The paint is made of organic corn starch, natural earth pigments, and tree sap. Kids can use it to paint on glass, rocks, wood, fabric, and paper to their heart’s content!

5. Eco-Art Pad

Young kids can be wasteful with paper but that won’t be a problem with the eco-art pad. It’s going to be a guilt-free painting, drawing, and coloring session from here on out! This earth-friendly pad paper is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials as well as agricultural waste. There were no trees harmed in making this paper book. Now isn’t that a great way to encourage your little artist?

6. Wooden Blocks

You can never go wrong with wooden blocks. Kids can play with them for hours on end. They improve motor skills because of their weight. It encourages imagination as well as problem-solving and decision-making skills in toddlers, especially when they try to build their own creations. Further, wooden blocks also help develop reasoning and analytical skills in young tots. Not to mention, wood is a sustainable material and a natural one at that!

7. Books

One of the timeless gift ideas for kids (not toys) are books. If you want to teach kids about the green movement, give them books that talk about nature, its importance, and how kids can help care for Mother Earth in their own little ways. Books make great gifts because paper can be easily recyclable, and they usually stand the test of time. Some books are made of recycled paper too, which is even better!

Happy Eco-Friendly Gifting These Holidays!

While it is tempting to shop for the usual plastic and colorful toys you see in every toy store, it’s time to take action and lessen plastic usage. Teach young kids about the value of recycling as well as using sustainable materials. Don’t underestimate their ability to understand our planet’s current situation. Kids have a big heart, and they won’t think twice about doing the right thing to save their only home. Hopefully, these eco-friendly gift ideas for kids help make your shopping spree more planet-friendly!